Introducing our monogram

Introducing our monogram

Lia Blazer & Lia Trousers

For all of us 2020 should have been a different year. We should have celebrated our 20th anniversary - together with all of you. Before the world shut down we worked intensely together with @femmeregionales on creating a beautiful new monogram, we hope you like it! Our new monogram should have been a part of many initiatives to emphasize how proud we are of the 20 years as a loved fashion brand and of all our partners and customers throughout the years. Thank you for all the love!

But it's a different world right now, so instead of celebrating together, we have to fight to overcome this together. We keep on staying positive and hope you do too. Let's celebrate and cherish the small things in life each and every day. Taking one day at a time towards a brighter future.

Until then stay safe and take care.