Florian Knit VestFlorian Knit Vest
On sale

Florian Knit Vest

€36 €120
Ficaria WaistcoatFicaria Waistcoat
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Ficaria Waistcoat

€37,50 €125
Evien WaistcoatEvien Waistcoat
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Evien Waistcoat

€49,50 €165
Brook Knit Boxy VestBrook Knit Boxy Vest
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Brook Knit Boxy Vest

€35,70 €119
Prudence WaistcoatPrudence Waistcoat
On sale

Prudence Waistcoat

€50,70 €169
Wisteria Quilt WaistcoatWisteria Quilt Waistcoat
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Wisteria Quilt Waistcoat

€46,50 €155
Indai Leather WasitcoatIndai Leather Wasitcoat
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Indai Leather Wasitcoat

€95,70 €319
Cakile WaistcoatCakile Waistcoat
Sold out

Cakile Waistcoat

€53,70 €179

Be inspired by vests for both every day and party

The vest is the practical solution during all four seasons. It is easy to style and can be combined with a dress or a shirt. You can easily create different looks with the vest. We have vests that can be used as outerwear, where you can create the layer-on-layer effect.

The knitted vest: The perfect choice

You can complete your wardrobe with stylish knitted vests, which has become an essential part in every woman’s wardrobe. The right vest brightens up the basic outfit and completes the ultimate party look. If you choose a knitted vest for your jeans or skirt, then you are perfectly dressed for both work and informal events. The waistcoat has become a popular fashion item, which you can use to put together a cool and sophisticated outfit. The waistcoat works in the same way as the blazer, but without sleeves and creates a clean look.