Dia Knit O-Neck / Daring Skirt

Gloss Dress

Charlin Blazer / Charlin Skirt

Tradition Jacket / Tradition Trousers

Tradition Jacket

Doodle Mini Dress

Sherry Coat

Elegance Blazer / Fringe Skirt

Moonshine Shirt

Moonshine Shirt / Moonshine Trousers

Milas Tie Shirt

Milas Tie Shirt

Lelou Dress

Essence Blazer

Softly Mini Dress

Sherry Coat / Softly Mini Dress

Maximus Blazer / Maximus Trousers

Caroa Knit O-Neck / Caroa Knit Scarf

Glowing Dress


As day turns to night, nuances of grey are transformed into shimmering silver. The allure of the city lights arouses the desire to dress up and go out into the night.

The mood invites a celebration of individual style. This season is about standing out and not being afraid to explore. About shining a little brighter with sequins, shimmer and sparkle.

Dazzling festive wear is the shining star of the collection, accompanied by solid, well-cut pieces that carry you effortlessly from work to the weekend and beyond. With strong references to 2000 vibes, the collection offers sexy cut-out details, sparkling dresses and miniskirts, along with atmospheric prints inspired by the city lights.

The wintry mood is interpreted in a refined monochrome mix, filled with black and creamy tones. The palette is united by shades of grey that follows the season’s progression – starting in the first drop with darker, deeper shades, through melange and mid greys in the middle, before taking on greener and browner hues in the final delivery as the collection welcomes a warmer and brighter pre-spring feeling.