Edith Dress . Garbo Trousers

Line Dress

Tunis Earring . Small Edith Dress

Tunis Earring Small . Manasi Shirt

Jeanie Blouse . Jeanie Trousers

Audre Knit Vest . Millicent Shirt

Ahlam Knit Vest . Reid Shirt . Edie Leather Shorts

Buffie New Coat . Edie Leather Shorts

Rosina Fitted Dress

Evie Blazer . Evie Classic Trousers

Canillu Knit Dress . Tunis Earring

Evie Blazer . Evie Classic Trousers

Annie Quilt Waistcoat . Annie Dress

Louisa Knit Vest . Nader Shirt . Milica Trousers

Bibi Coat

Muriel Knit O-Neck . Calypso Skirt

Susian Waistcoat . Totema New Shirt . Susian Culotte

Eva Coat . Calypso Dress . Calypso Track Trousers

Mix Dakky Dress . Cicely Leggings

Cesina Coat . Cesina Blazer . Eddie Midi Dress

Cesina Coat . Eddie Midi Dress

Annestine Knit O-Neck

Buffie Waistcoat . Hilda T-Neck Tee . Carmella Sweat Pants

Annestine Knit O-Neck . Francie Leather Skirt

The collection empowers women to manifest their beliefs and confidence in themselves.

With reference to strong feminine silhouettes from the 70s and 80s such as blousy shirts, volume sleeves and constructed shoulder details, all styled with straight legged men’s inspired trousers and quilted or knitted vests.

Leisurewear styles are integrated in everyday styling. Like combining sophisticated printed shirts with relaxed sweatpants.

Pintucks in various widths, little piping’s and contrast topstitch are the main details.
Materials vary from clean wools, cotton poplin and taffeta qualities combined with yarns in soft alpaca and yak blends.

Mini floral prints are combined with bold checks, as well as large printed brush strokes.
Classic stripes and mix scale herringbone are represented both in print, yarn dyes and knits.
The collection is created with a strong coherence, encouraging to style a mono colour look in a mix of materials.

Colours develop through the collection from warm earthy tones into wintery grey brown stone colours with a dried tobacco highlight. As a base throughout the collection classic colours such as sharp maritime blue and grey mélange are brightened up with a vapor grey, crispy white and creamy pink tint.